Prague Nuclear Bunker Tour

Try the Prague nuclear bunker tour (and communist tour combined). Lurking beneath Prague`s cobble stoned streets lies a real nuclear bunker dating back to 1950. Enter back into the dark Czechoslovakia period when communists ruled the country with an iron fist. During this 2 hour 30 minute tour you will learn a lot of cold war stories about spies, refugees, political prisoners and the hated STB (secret police). You will hear about the largest statue ever built of Stalin and the Russian invasion in 1968. Also the death of young Jan Palach (who set fire to himself as a protest) and the story of the Velvet Revolution in 1989 which brought down the communist government.

This Prague nuclear bunker is hidden 16 metres which is 4 floors deep under the city. It was built to hold 2500 people with many chambers and tunnels inside. You will also get to wear gas masks and visit the nuclear workshop. Included is also a free survival guide picture booklet with the tour. This is a very unusual tour, one to tell your friends about when you get home. In Prague there are many hidden bunkers, left overs from the cold war era. Some of these bunkers have even been turned into pubs and night clubs. These bunkers where constructed with tonnes of concrete to withstand the impact of a nuclear blast. All will be revealed on your Prague nuclear bunker and communist tour. The tour starts in the Old Town Square area and will finish in Wenceslas Square.

Prague nuclear bunker tour main details :

Minimum group size – 1 person
Start time and length of tour – Daily from 14.45pm except December 24, 25 and 26th. The tour lasts about 2 hours and 30 minutes.
Price per person – Adults 850 CZK, student card holders: 750 CZK. 
Transfers and guide included – There is a guide but there is no pick up or drop off included in this tour.
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Prague Nuclear Bunker Tour
Prague Nuclear Bunker Tour
Prague Nuclear Bunker Tour
Prague Nuclear Bunker Tour

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