Prague Shooting Trips

Our Prague Shooting Trips have again been awarded a Certificate of Excellence by Tripadvisor with over 500 five star reviews! We have 2 shooting ranges offering the same weapons and programs. Our Indoor shooting range is newly built to a top specification, said to be one of the best in Europe and is situated in the Prague area. Our Outdoor shooting range is situated in a forest north of Prague.
Instructors all speak English and Czech and safety is priority, with full training given beforehand. Included is transport to and from each range and a sandwich and drink after the event. Also at the end scores will be counted and the winning total will receive a diploma.

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Weapons used include:  AK47 Kalashnikov  / M16 assault rifle (with infrared sight) / Scorpion Evo sub machine gun / Magnum(dirty Harry) .357 / Glock pistol / UZI sub machine gun / Pump action shotgun / Saiga semi automatic shotgun / Dragunov sniper rifle.
On the day there will be a chance to buy extra bullets and weapons that are not listed. These include World War 2 weapons and the Desert Eagle and the (Dirty Harry .44 Magnum) and many more.

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