Stag and Hen Parties
in Prague

Our Prague Stag and Hen parties have been on offer for almost 20 years now. Our company were one of the first travel companies to start offering these services. With so many low cost airlines travelling from many major cities all over the world to Prague this makes the Czech capital one of the top destinations in all Europe. The Czech people like to party and so travelling Stag and Hen parties are in the main well received in Prague. Add to that the low cost of alcohol and food makes this destination a top spot.

We are offering many Private Airport Transfer choices and Accommodation in the center along with some super Activities for both Stag and Hen parties. We are very flexible and can suggest a full itinerary to suit your group requirements based on our experience, or you can call the shots and tell us exactly what you want. Booking and payments are easy making your organizing of your party weekend stress free. At the end of each section you will find a BOOKING ENQUIRY FORM to get full information. Or also you can send us an EMAIL and our staff will reply as soon as possible.

  • Booking is quick and easy.
  • Secure payment choices.
  • Contact by Email, Booking Form or Phone.

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