Terms & Conditions & Data Protection Policy

Below are a list of our Terms & Conditions & Data Protection Policy please read carefully if you need any clarification just contact us at contact@praguetoursdirect.com

SECTION 1 – Data Protection

(updated May 2018, under new European Union Law –GDPR, we would like to inform all our clients how personal data will be used in the following points below).

(1.a) – The Personal data information will not be passed onto a third party without permission agreed by the individual and our company.

(1.b) – Your Personal data information will only be used until the completion of each booking including any period extended due to any disputes or refund claims.

(1.c) – Personal data will only be stored by our company as per requirement of local financial / tax authorities or related legal obligations by local law, after this period expires all data will be destroyed.

(1.d) – All personal data stored in the case of (1c) will be done so in a secure locked location.

(1.e) – Any personal data passed to our company from any partner company will only be used and protected as in (1a,1b,1c and 1d)

Note : If you have any reservations / questions concerning the above statement please email us on Dataprotection@praguetoursdirect.com

SECTION 2. About our Company Prague Tours Direct s.r.o.

(2.a) We are a Prague based, and Czech registered limited liability company (s.r.o.)

(2.b) Company Details

Company name: Prague Tours Direct s.r.o.
Business name: Incoming Travel Agency / Cestovní agentura
Company seat: Čechova 337/28, 170 00, Praha 7 – Bubeneč, Czech Republic
Telephone numbers:
00 420 777 078 909
00 420 777 064 557
E-mail: contact@praguetoursdirect.com

Prague Tours Direct s.r.o. registration details: Registered at the Commercial Register of the Municipal Court in Prague, section C, registration number 168902
Company ID number (IČO ): 24723096
Tax registration number (DIČ ): CZ24723096

(2.c) Prague Tours Direct s.r.o. Listings can be located in the Czech Justice registration office, register portal https://www.justice.cz/ (currently only in Czech).

(2.d) Prague Tours Direct s.r.o. Bank Details :

Account holder/name: Prague Tours Direct s.r.o.
Company address/seat: Čechova 337/28, 170 00, Praha 7 – Bubeneč, Czech Republic
Account number/bank code: 5581506001/5500
Swift code: RZBCCZPP
IBAN: CZ8255000000005581506001
Bank name: Raiffeisenbank a.s.
Bank address: Hvězdova 1716/2b, 140 78, Praha 4, Czech Republic

(2.e) Business Partners : Prague Tours Direct s.r.o. are activity and booking organizers, all suppliers and business partners remain confidential.

SECTION 3. Bookings with Prague Tours Direct s.r.o.

(3.a) To Make a booking: First send your enquiry either by filling in the booking form in each section allocated, or by telephone, or email. After we receive your instruction to book we will send each individual or group a full itinerary of the booking and payment details.

(3.b) Hotel / Apartment / Hostel Bookings: When you have chosen your accommodation through our booking system and paid the deposit or full amount, we will issue the individual or group with a voucher prior to arrival, the Hotel / Apartment / Hostel will have a copy of the voucher as proof of booking. We will also need the full names of the individual or group travelling for the voucher. No money (other than the government tourist tax of approximately 50 CZK per person per night) is to be paid to Hotels / Apartments / Hostels on arrival, all room payments ( deposits and balances ) will be pre-agreed how to be collected by Prague Tours Direct s.r.o.


On booking confirmation in most cases we will require a holding deposit ( in some cases when a Hotel / Apartment or Hostel request it, we may need full payment in front ), this is only refundable if it meets the cancellations terms of the individual accommodation location or if we fail to supply the service allocated to the client.

If a group cancels and gives Prague Tours Direct s.r.o. adequate notice without Prague Tours Direct s.r.o. incurring costs from suppliers, the deposit can be refunded minus an administration fee of up to 25% or the deposit can be used as a credit if the group decide to travel to Prague inside the same calendar year the deposit was paid, after the year finishes it cannot be used and the deposit cannot be refunded.

The balance payment can be paid either 1 week prior to arrival, or on arrival in cash CZK (to a Prague Tours Direct s.r.o. representative) only providing we have credit card details as insurance, and agreement from the holder that the balance can be taken from the card if at least 24 hours notice of cancellation is not given. By providing the card details, these terms are agreed to.

Again if Prague Tours Direct s.r.o. fail to provide the service allocated, we will refund the client fully apart from any money transfer fees such as Paypal merchant fee of approximately 5%.

Please note: In the case of Hotels / Apartments / Hostels, the cancellation terms of each individual Hotel / Apartment / Hostel will apply, these differ from location to location and will be available on request.

SECTION 4. Payments to Prague Tours Direct s.r.o.

Payments are briefly explained in section 2, this section will go into more detail. In some cases for groups over 4 people a  holding deposit will be required upon booking confirmation, this can be paid by several methods:

(4.a) Payments From Our Office, or meeting point, we can supply address and time details later.

Payments can be made in cash ( CZK currency normally unless otherwise agreed )

(4.b) Online Payments ( easiest and quickest method )

To pay by credit or debit card online on our PAYPAL account, most major credit cards are accepted.

Go to the PAYPAL payment page and fill in the form and send your payment. After payment you will receive an automatic receipt response from the system. This system is security covered and is totally secure!

(4.c) Payment by WISE or REVOLUT accepted

Payment by WISE or REVOLUT should be sent only in CZK currency to our bank account, see bank details above in section 1 – (1.d)

(4.d) Payment by Bank Transfer

To pay by bank transfer, please read below, note: this takes normally at least 5 working days!

Please remember when sending the money to:

See bank details above in section 1 – (1.d)

Send the money in CZK currency, your own bank will convert the equivalent of your own currency from your account at the correct rate of exchange on the day of transaction.

Cover all transfer fees both ends, do not enter SHA (share fees) on your bank form.

Send a scanned copy of the transaction to our email contact@praguetoursdirect.com as it helps us locate it in the bank.

(4.e) Refunds

If for any reason our company fail to provide the service ordered we will refund the deposit or full amount, but there maybe a transaction fee from Paypal which we cannot refund (approximately 5%). If the client should cancel the booking after deposit or full amount paid then we have an administration charge of up to 25% of the total paid.

(4.f) Exchange Rates

As we are a Czech registered and based company, our CZK currency price stays constant for all our offers.

(4.g) DPH (Czech equivalent of VAT)

All our prices include DPH unless otherwise stated.

SECTION 5. Travel Insurance Through Prague Tours Direct s.r.o.

We strongly advise anyone travelling to Prague / Czech Republic to make sure they are covered with adequate travel insurance cover from your own country, if participating in extreme activities please make sure the insurance taken is adequate for extreme sports, several insurance companies can provide this.

Insurance is not supplied by Prague Tours Direct s.r.o.!

The Czech Republic do AT PRESENT have a reciprocal agreement with the UK and EU countries to treat emergency cases free of charge with presentation of a UK or EU passport as per EU rules. This may change after Brexit for visitors from the UK.

SECTION 6. Disclaimer Forms

Participants in action activities will be required to sign a disclaimer form, failure to do so will mean automatic non-participation in that event, and non-refund of money paid, as this requirement will be stated in the first stages of booking. The disclaimer forms are normally presented by our part time staff on pick up for each individual action.

(6.a) Complaints / Claims

We require any complaints or claims to be sent by email by latest 48 hours from the end of the booking, any received after 48 hours cannot be investigated properly and will be invalid.

SECTION 7. Prague Tours Direct s.r.o. Web site Content

The contents of this web site are to our knowledge as accurate as possible, Prague Tours Direct s.r.o. are not responsible for incorrect information of other sources whom have supplied the information content herein. We reserve the right to change the content of our web site at any time.