in Prague

Let us help you find the type of accommodation in Prague that suits your travel plans and your budget. We can offer choices such as 3 star, 4 star and 5 star Hotel offers all located close to Prague city center. Also for the lower budget traveler we can offer superb Self Catering Apartments with amenities just like home. They have well laid out rooms with living room, bedrooms with en suite bathrooms. And a fully fitted kitchen so you can prepare breakfast and meals as and when you require them, so you do not have a set eating time as in Hotels.

For the student or backpacker we offer a range of comfortable and affordable Hostels. All located beside many bars and clubs and all set in the city center. Thanks to our long term business cooperation with these Hotels, Apartments and Hostels, we are able to secure the best possible prices throughout the year. The prices fluctuate depending on the time of season.  Special rates or discounts are often available to larger groups or for long stay accommodation rental in Prague. Just contact us using the BOOKING ENQUIRY FORM or EMAIL in each section. Our friendly English / Czech speaking staff will help you find accommodation in Prague suitable for your stay.