Sport Tours
to Prague and Czech Republic

We offer sport tours to Prague and Czech Republic. Even in Communist times the sports facilities were quite good in the country. Now after the end of Communism the Czech Republic has enhanced its reputation as a great sporting nation with first class facilities. We have been arranging Football (men’s and ladies), Rugby, Ice Hockey, Golf and other sporting tours for many years now. We have many sporting contacts in the country all working with our company to provide a superb tour.

Also during a tour to Prague and Czech Republic we can offer many other attractions than just the sport. While here in this beautiful Capital of Prague you could sample some City Tours, Cruises or Adrenaline Activities maybe. There are now many low cost airlines flying from all over the world to Prague and the Czech Republic. So this makes it a very accessible city in the heart of Europe. Also the low cost of living in the country means a good value sports tour can be arranged at quite reasonable cost.

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