Prague Stag Police Arrest Joke

The Prague Stag police arrest Joke, imagine the situation. You are the groom on a Stag party weekend to Prague and you end up getting arrested by the Czech Police. Handcuffed and taken to an unknown location in a foreign country with a foreign language. Well if you are best man at your friend’s wedding then this is the perfect wind up for the groom. Just to show him who his best friend really is (or was). We only hope he speaks to you again after this, it will also make for great speech material at the wedding!

The wind up with the Prague Stag Police arrest :

We can set this up perfectly. It can be arranged this with the person in charge (best man or other) We can have him arrested close to a top club in the centre. He will be cuffed, even maybe blindfolded and taken away by the fake police. He is taken to the basement of a top club where the rest of the group will have a private table reservation upstairs. He is taken to a cold dark room in the basement for a while in handcuffs. A little while later the officers will bring him up to the club where the super Lesbian show and his friends will be waiting drinking their welcome beer. The strippers will perform a nice VIP  lesbian show to help him cool down over a cool beer.

Minimum group size – 6 people.
Total activity time – approx. 1.5 hours.
Includes – the police arrest, table reservation in the club, VIP strip Lesbian show, also a welcome drink for all the group.
Available – daily on request but only between the hours of 16.00pm to 22.00pm
Price on request, please fill in the BOOKING ENQUIRY FORM or send an EMAIL and we will reply as soon as possible.
Note: we need to be sure the person whom this joke is played on is a good sport. And that he doesn’t suffer from any heart condition or panic attacks. The best man or a friend will be asked to accompany him during the arrest.

Also you will get our FREE PARTY PACK:

  • VIP entry into Prague’s hottest lap dancing club
  • INFO PARTY MAP (pointing out the best bars, clubs and restaurants to go to in Prague)

For more information and confirmed prices please fill in the BOOKING ENQUIRY FORM below. Or send an EMAIL and our staff will reply as soon as possible.

Prague Stag Police Arrest Joke
Prague Stag Police Arrest Joke
Prague Stag Police Arrest Joke
Prague Stag Police Arrest Joke
Prague Stag Police Arrest Joke

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