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Buy Czech premier league football tickets, we can deliver them also to your Prague accommodation. The Czech Premier Football League is sponsored by FORTUNA of 18 teams which at present 3 are from Prague. These Prague teams are Sparta, Slavia, and Bohemians 1905. The other 3 Prague teams FK Dukla, FK Victoria Zizkov and FC Slavoj Vysehrad are now in the second division. The season runs from July to the end November. Then a mid-winter break until the end of February, it resumes until the end of May.

We can arrange tickets for you to watch a team of your choice. We can buy and deliver them to your accommodation and we have a small fee to do this. We will also include detailed information how to get to the ground and a layout plan of your seat location. Below are more details of the 5 clubs you maybe interested to buy Czech premier league football tickets for. If you want to book just fill in the BOOKING ENQUIRY FORM  below or send an EMAIL. We can also supply tickets for Czech Republic International games.

Prague Football Clubs in the Premier League :

AC Sparta Praha (Premier League)

Year formed: 1893
Club colours: Blue, yellow and red
Stadium capacity: 20558
Web site: have been one of the most successful clubs in Czech Football. Established in 1893 they have won a total of 34 Czech League titles and 8 Czech League titles. They have competed at the highest level in European competitions. Sparta have a stadium in the Prague 7 area of town, quite easy to walk to from the center.

SK Slavia Praha (Premier League)

Year formed: 1892
Club colours: Red and white
Stadium capacity: 20800
Web site: one of the oldest sports clubs in Europe, founded in 1892 by Czech students. It soon rose to be one of the leading teams in Europe. Many Slavia players in recent times have gone on to play for top clubs. These include Vladimir Smicer and Patrick Berger to Liverpool and Aston Villa. Slavia recently opened a fine new stadium.

Bohemians 1905 (Premier League)

Year formed: 1905
Club colours: Green and white
Stadium capacity: 7500 (old stadium)
Web site: formed recently by the supporters after the club went into administration. They had been fighting over the name / logo of the club through the courts. Promoted in 2008 – 2009 season. This club in 2010 had the home ground closed. They shared the Slavia Football stadium much to the fans anger. Recently returned to their home ground.

FK Dukla Praha (Second League)

Year formed: 1948
Club colours: Yellow and Red
Stadium capacity: 1800
Web site: This famous club was dissolved in 1996 when they became Dukla Pribram and moved out of Prague. They now have returned as the original club and again play in Prague at the Stadium Juliska in the Prague 6 area of the city.

FK Victoria Zizkov (Second League)

Year formed: 1903
Club colours: Red and white
Stadium capacity: 5600
Web site: The club was founded in 1903 by a group of students, the club has had many ups and downs. Just recently winning promotion to the Premier League, but relegated again soon after.

FC Slavoj Vysehrad (Second League)

Year formed: 1907
Club colours: blue and white.
Stadium capacity:  19000 (from the stadium they are only renting at the moment)
Web site: . This club are renting the Stadion Evžena Rošického at Strahov, Prague 5 with a 19000 capacity as their home ground is not up to Czech second league standard.

Below is information about the Fortuna Liga Czech Premier Football League

The Czech Premier Football League, known as the Fortuna Liga consists of 16 teams. The season runs from July to the end of November, with a mid-season winter break until mid – February. To find out more information and full details of all teams, just go to

Remember we can buy and deliver these tickets to your Prague accommodation. We will also provide information such as how to get to and back from the stadiums by public transport. Or we can also offer Private Transfers if required and many more services.

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Czech Premier League Football Tickets
Czech Premier League Football Tickets
Czech Premier League Football Tickets
Czech Premier League Football Tickets
Czech Premier League Football Tickets
Czech Premier League Football Tickets

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