Christmas in Prague

Christmas in Prague a perfect time of year to visit this beautiful city. The City is picture perfect when the first fall of snow hits the ground. The many monumental spires rise from the white blanket of snow. The cobble stoned streets are covered and the lanterns light the alleys and streets. At the Christmas markets the sweet smell of hot honey and wine drinks fill the air in this picturesque city.

You will find flights are not so expensive in early December and the City is alive on the run up to the festive holidays.  Hotel prices are also lower than many other times of the year, so good bargains can be found. We can arrange all you will need for your Christmas time in Prague at the end of this section we list many services you will need.

What is on during the Christmas period in Prague :

End of November 

The Christmas markets will be set up in Prague in various locations throughout the city. Selling many traditional foods and handmade trinkets. We have a full section about the markets which you can read more about at Prague Christmas Markets. 

December 1st 

The Old Town Square Christmas tree will be lit up this happens in the evening and the Old town Square and city center will be alive with people for this very popular event. Everyone will be in full festive mood there is normally live traditional Christmas music on a large stage in the Old Town Square.

December 5th 

This is St Nicholas celebration for children, otherwise (known to the Czech`s as Mikulas). On this day you will probably come across people dressed as St Nicholas, an Angel and a Devil. They go from door to door of Czech homes invited by parents to check on kids if they have been good for the past year, you can guess what the Devil is for! If the children have been good then they will get sweets or little presents.

December 6th

Is the official St Nicholas Day (Mikulas).

December 18th (approximately)

You will see people on the street with large basins of cold running water, inside are live Carp fish (the word for this fish in Czech is Kapr). They are sold to locals as Carp is the traditional food for the Christmas dinner. People keep the fish alive at home until Christmas evening (24th December) when they then kill and cook the Carp fresh for the dinner along with other foods. The Carp fish meat is quite bitter in taste so locals use some sauce to better the taste. There are many recipes used and each family carry traditional recipes used from generation to generation.

December 24th evening 

This is when the Czech people celebrate Christmas the word in Czech language is (Vanoce). They have their Christmas dinner around 5pm to 6pm. By tradition it is carp fish normally served with chicken or pork schnitzel and potato salad and after the dinner at the ringing of a bell, the children will receive their presents. On December 24th in the Czech Republic most commercial places will be closed from midday! On the 24th December we have this great offer in the Medieval Tavern Prague Medieval Tavern Christmas Special

December 25th evening 

We can offer entertainment for your stay in Prague with two great offers. They are the Prague Medieval Tavern Christmas Special an evening of great Czech food, drinks and shows this medieval tavern is in the center of Prague. Or try our traditional Czech Folklore Christmas Offer  learn the Czech traditional dances and dine with traditional Czech food and drinks. We pick you up from your accommodation (only Folklore offer) and drop you back when the evening is over.

December 31st evening

Probably the biggest party event the City will hold all year, the New Year`s Eve party bash. The full City will be out celebrating with fireworks exploding and champagne corks popping long after the midnight bells, a superb sight to see! You can read more about this party night at New Years Eve in Prague . Also we have a superb offer on our Prague New Years Eve Party Boat or try these other offers, Czech Folklore New Years Eve Party or the Prague Medieval Tavern New Years Eve, both are great party evenings.

Remember for your stay in Prague during the Christmas festive period we can arrange all you will need (apart from flights). Items you will need like Private Airport Transfers or Accommodation or other requirements you may have for your Christmas in Prague.

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Christmas in Prague
Christmas in Prague
Christmas in Prague
Christmas in Prague
Christmas in Prague

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