Prague Skydiving

Prague Skydiving, jump into the blue from a great height. A tandem instructor will be with you and we offer (as extra) a tandem jump Flash Disk and Certificate. So you have all the action captured for ever! The tandem jump is easily one of the most adrenaline flowing offers in our outdoor activities list. You do not need any course or medical check up, you will receive a short briefing before the jump. You will be transported to the airport at an arranged time and you will be looked after for the full event. Everybody can jump from as young as 8 years to as old as 100 years old weighing a maximum 130 kg (286 lb / 20.5 st).

The jump happens from 4000 m AGL (13500ft). You will enjoy approximately 50 seconds of free fall at 200km/h (125 mph). At 1500 m (5000ft) your tandem instructor will open the parachute, you will fly for 6 to 8 minutes on the canopy which you can try steering. Before the landing your tandem instructor will take over the steering and land you softly and safely back onto the ground. After the landing you will receive (if ordered) a tandem jump Flash Disk and Certificate. Also you receive an original tandem jump t-shirt for you to remember that unforgettable Prague skydiving moment. A perfect memory of your adrenaline filled Prague Skydiving event.

Prague Skydiving full information:

Minimum group size – 1 person.
Travel time – about 1 hour 15 minutes one way (transport is included)
Total activity time – about 3.5 hours, available daily depending on weather conditions. From around the middle November to the middle of March during the winter it is closed due to expected bad weather conditions.
Prices per person = 4600 CZK / 171 Euro for the jump only.
Important note : All participants in our Prague Skydiving activities will be required to sign a disclaimer form. Insurance for extreme sports is NOT INCLUDED

Note: The Flash Disk with personal link is an extra 2200 CZK / 81 Euro per person. It is not possible for 2 people to order just one Flash Disk and link between them. Each person must order and pay for their own.
Note: From group sizes 4 people and more we can offer FREE pickup from your accommodation and back. Group sizes 1 to 3 people should meet in the downtown office near the Old Town Square.
Note: From middle November to middle March during the winter it is closed due to expected bad weather conditions. But we do also offer an all weather Indoor Skydiving option, check it out at Prague Indoor Skydiving.

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Prague Skydiving
Prague Skydiving
Prague Skydiving
Prague Skydiving

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