Konopiste Castle Sightseeing Tour

The Konopiste castle sightseeing tour is a four-hour excursion. Founded in the 14th century this lovely hunting castle lies approximately 45 km outside Prague. Famous for its fascinating collection of historical weapons, furniture, tapestries and paintings. In 1887 Konopiste Castle was bought and renovated by the successor to the Habsburg throne Francis Ferdinand d Este. In 1914 he was assassinated in Sarajevo, so sparking off the start of World War I.

The owner was an avid hunter so Konopiste Castle’s collection contains thousands of hunting trophies adorning the walls. The master of the castle also collected objects with the motif of St. George. There are 3,700 items dating from between the 13th to the 19th century. Aside from this the Konopiste Castle interiors also presents original furniture. Also a library and a collection of historical maps, an English park and shooting range are also attached to the castle.

On arriving the guide will take you on an informative sightseeing tour of the castle, admission to the castle is included.  After the tour you will be taken by the private coach back to the center of Prague. The Konopiste Castle Sightseeing Tour is an ideal trip for those with an interest and appreciation for history, art and culture. The tour comes in a choice of standard languages which are English, German, Russian, French, Italian, Spanish and Czech. You should let us know which language you prefer when booking.

Konopiste Castle Sightseeing Tour main details :

Minimum group size – 1 person
Start time and length of tour – The Konopiste Castle Sightseeing Tour is available around 08.45am on Sundays only. In the winter it is closed from 1st November to 30th March. It lasts 4.5 hours, including transportation.
Price per person – Adults 890 CZK, children up to 10 years old: 750 CZK, students up to 26 years old with student card: 850 CZK.
Transfers and guide included – Yes, you will be picked up at your accommodation and dropped back in the center of Prague.
To book or to find available dates: Just fill the BOOKING ENQUIRY FORM below or send an EMAIL. We will reply as soon as possible.

Konopiste Castle Sightseeing Tour
Konopiste Castle Sightseeing Tour
Konopiste Castle Sightseeing Tour
Konopiste Castle Sightseeing Tour

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