Prague Beer Drinking Competition

Try our Prague Beer Drinking competition offer on your Stag weekend, we have a 5 beer or 7 beer tasting. This is a competition, just guess the type of the beer from the written description.  The person with the most correct beers wins a tee shirt from the bar and a shot of the local poison. Also included are some snacks to keep you drinking, these beers are not bottled they are all straight from the draft pumps. Some of these beers have history in the Czech Republic stretching back over 400 years.

Prague Beer Drinking competition beers on offer :

The DRAFT beers you will sample are based on these below, a NEW WORLD OF BEERS including Lobkowicz Premium – Demon – Vevoda – Schwarzenberg – Platan – Platan 11 – Klatser 11 – Klaster 12 – Rychtar Natur – Rychtar 12 – Jezek 11 – Jezek Grand – Comenius Janacek – Extra Janacek – Pater Cerna Hora – Kvasar Cerna Hora

The full Prague Beer Drinking Competition in Prague includes :

  • Our English / Czech speaking guide will meet you near the center (we will provide a map of the meeting place on booking).
  • A private table bar restaurant reservation in a great pub near the center.
  • Depending on offer choice (5 beers x 0.2l or 7 beers x 0.2l) per person.
  • Nachos and dips, there is a full bar menu also available to choose from, but not included.
  • Winning diploma for the best beer taster.
  • Special extra prize from the bar for the best beer taster
  • Shot of local alcohol to the winner.
  • A free hangover for everyone in the group!

Minimum group size – 4 people.
Travel time – about 10 minutes by foot from meeting point
Total activity time – approx 2 hours (depending how quick you drink!)
Price per person for 5 beers and all extras = 800 CZK / 30 Euro
Price per person for 7 beers and all extras = 920 CZK / 34 Euro

Also you will get our FREE PARTY PACK:

  • VIP entry into Prague’s hottest lap dancing club
  • Free beer or wine vouchers (for all the group to use in selected Prague bars)
  • Discount meal vouchers (for all the group to use in selected Prague bars)
  • INFO PARTY MAP (pointing out the best bars, clubs and restaurants to go to in Prague)

For more information and confirmed prices please fill in the BOOKING ENQUIRY FORM below. Or send an EMAIL and our staff will reply as soon as possible.

Prague Beer Drinking Competition
Prague Beer Drinking Competition
Prague Beer Drinking Competition
Prague Beer Drinking Competition

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