Czech Republic Outdoor Trips

Experience the freedom that the Czech Republic outdoor trips have to offer. Enjoy hiking, trekking and exploring the beautiful Czech countryside. These are suitable for beginners as well as experienced hikers, each trip can be tailor made to your request. You will walk through forests and trek up mountains to view the wonders of the Czech Republic. Also you will have a chance to try biking and canoeing and more activities.

Try our retreats with Yoga and meditation, these are 3 days plus trips set in stunning locations such as the Krkonose National Park, or Sumava National Park and Czech Paradise. The combination of yoga and meditation will both stretch your muscles and combat any stress you may have. We are very flexible and everyone is welcome and each trip can meet your every need.

It is hard to better the great outdoors, get out of the city, breathe fresh air and savor the peace and quiet that nature offers. Feel connected with the Czech nature in the many acres of forests, valleys and meadows. Experience the sun setting as the day ends and your body feels revitalized by all that nature has to offer. From May to the end of October are the best recommended months when it should be warm and sunny and pleasant to experience these trips. We have some examples of day trips that we offer below but any trip can be put together for your own requirement.

Czech Republic Outdoor Trips offers

  • Prachovske Mountains: Walking in Bohemian paradise.
    An amazing rock formation in the eastern part of Bohemian Paradise (otherwise known as Cesky raj). Here you will find a romantic labyrinth of thin sandstone towers and pillars, plateaus, ravines and caves. There are well sign-posted tourist routes and numerous observation points to view from the rock formations.
  • Plakanek Valley and Kost Castle: Romantic walks.
    This romantic valley is rocky with mainly pine-tree forests, the name comes from Plakanek family who during the 17th century manufactured wood coal at this location. The Plakanek valley quarry stone was used for construction of the Kost Castle and the church in Sobotka.
  • Visiting Nizbor glass factory and walk.
    The Nizbor Bohemian glass factory situated in the village called Nizbor just 7 km west from the city of Beroun, See how this is made first hand, a real craft. Then enjoy the beautiful surrounding countryside on a relaxing walk.
  • Lodenice hike: Walking around mill houses.
    On this trip you will get a chance to see some very interested old mill houses and a visit to a glass shop in near bye Nenacovice. Also you will enjoy a local lunch in a traditional Czech restaurant, and sample the world best Czech beer.
  • Kokorin Valley and amazing rock formations.
    This is a picturesque natural area of rocks, beautiful lakes and villages with folklore architecture. It is renowned for its romantic gorges and unique sandstone towers, gates, windows and other formations that do not exist in such a form and size anywhere else in the Czech Republic. Witness deep gorges, rock caverns and overhangs, and beautiful forest pools with water lilies and picturesque timbered houses.
  • Czech Kras Hike: Visiting Koneprusy caves.
    The Koneprusy caves originated in Devonian limestones and are up to 400 million years old. They are developed in three height levels with a total length exceeding 2km. The accessible route is about 620 m long and the sightseeing tour lasts one hour. The top level of the caves housed in the 15th century a secret workshop of money forgers. The cave boasts unique opal-bearing decorations as well as numerous excavations. These document the history of the earths nature over the past 1.5 million years.

These are just a small sample of what is on offer, remember you can request your own trip and we will put together an itinerary for you. The trips can be to your requirements, moderate or more intense, how you want them.

  • Also now we offer drawing classes in Prague
    What better way to remember this beautiful city than capturing it on hand drawn paper! Not only that, but the drawing will be your own, tutored with your artist guide for the day. During this workshop you will explore the architecture of the buildings and historical monuments in the beautiful Czech capital of Prague. Note: when filling in the booking form just mention in notes if you are also interested in these drawing classes.

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Czech Republic Outdoor Trips
Czech Republic Outdoor Trips
Czech Republic Outdoor Trips
Czech Republic Outdoor Trips
Czech Republic Outdoor Trips
Czech Republic Outdoor Trips
Czech Republic Outdoor Trips
Czech Republic Outdoor Trips

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