Prague Image Black Light Theatre

The Prague Image Black Light Theatre. Intense darkness full of fantasy, actors are invisible then appearing from the dark depths with great visual effects. The theatre is open to everyone, with a lot of the performances in mime there are no language barriers. There are 4 main performances to select from with the theatre open almost every day. Note: there is a bar available before and after the performances in the Prague Image Black Light Theatre.

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The 5 main performances in the Prague Image Black Light Theatre are listed below :


This involves a wildlife dance style along with the special effects of the black theatre. There is a big twist to this performance involving tourists and a postman, sounds a big mess but this does work.


Imagine an endless space as an inspirational backdrop for black theatre and dance. Add astronomy and astrology and a horoscope love potion to inspire non-verbal theatre.


After years of hard work trying to solve Prazak’s Circular Paradox I have decided to make the results of my research public. As the official institutions have not been very understanding I have decided, or rather, I have been forced, to establish the Cabinet at my own expense.  In order to demonstrate in front of an audience that the only way to escape the vicious circle of the expansion of civilization is through miracles inside us. The mentioned demonstration is not entirely risk-free. Therefore I am pleased that you have taken that risk and visited the Cabinet.


The Prague Image Black Light Theatre is open to an audience from all continents. However the theatre is a living organism changing in time. Changing the mood of the audience and feelings of the actors. These feelings are borne again every night and die at the end of the performance to be ready for the same yet different show the next day. Likewise the repertoire changes. Each change means a new experience. We like to return to certain things, events and people. Pleasant impressions are blended with new experience and reach new dimensions. This is what happened at the birth of the production ‘The Best of Image’.


You encounter in the Prague Image Black Light Theatre a number of new elements in the Black box performance. You will be surprised by possibilities of black effects, luminescent lights and their visual effects. Modern dance is supported by perfect black light technique. This causes dancers and objects to levitate, rotate and move in defiance of the rules of gravity. Constituent elements are inspired by the contemporary world. Time, even dreams, and the transformed fantasy of moving objects. The subconscious mind of each visitor can find its own association and interpretation.

Minimum group size – 2 people 
Start time and length of performance – daily, the Prague Image Black Light Theatre is open from 19.30pm, shows start at 20.00pm and lasts 85 to 90 minutes.
Price per person – Adults -580 CZK / 21.50 Euro, Children (3-14 years) – 400 CZK / 15 Euro, Students (ISIC card) – 480 CZK / 18 Euro, Family ticket (2 adults + 2 children) – 1740 CZK / 64.50 Euro.
Note : we can deliver tickets to Hotels, there is an extra 200 CZK / 7 Euro per ticket charge for this.
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Prague Image Black Light Theatre
Prague Image Black Light Theatre
Prague Image Black Light Theatre
Prague Image Black Light Theatre

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